Marble Combat - Gameplay Trailer

Marble Combat - Gameplay Trailer

Marble Combat is a physics based multiplayer fighting game developed by Phantom 8 Studio for PC.

The core game-play focuses on ball control, dominating capture zones and fighting opponents.

Development started during the summer of 2018 with its first public demo going live on steam in December 2018. It is expected to be enter early access on steam early 2019.


Marble Combat puts the player in control of toy marble navigating a real world environment.

General game-play involves navigating obstacles by rolling, dashing or launching the ball. All movement is physics based with weight, torque, friction and bounce affecting the player.

Environment content may vary based on the game mode but generally feature ramps, bridges, launchers, teleporters and animated items to help players

Game Modes

Marble Combat has currently 2 game modes.


  • Classic Mode - Three round capture zone match. All abilities available and team power ups.

Singleplayer Challenges

  • Time Attack - Race against the clock. Checkpoints add time, score points for leftover seconds.


Main Article: Abilities

Depending on the game mode, players can pick or will be assigned up to four special abilities.

Power ups

Depending on the game mode power ups are mini capture zones that provide buffs to the players team.


Main Article: Abilities

  • Playroom Arena
  • Attic Arena






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